Nathan Frey.pngNathan Frey – Founder & CEO

A serial-entrepreneur with over 25 years experience in technology as a founder of 3 startups in the Silicon Valley and in Europe, with a strong background in sales and IT, coupled with visionary creativity.

  • Nathan Frey: Founder@Air : a disruptive approach to P2P messaging empowered by a reputation protocol for trust
  • Founder @ Responsible for creative & strategic development, raised $1M in Angel capital, and managed a technical & business team.
    Founder at Office Xtra business center and high-tech incubator
  • Founder @ 123Mail : A pioneer in email outsourcing founded in the Silicon Valley in 1997, Acquired by j2 Global (JCOM)
  • IT manager @ NetApp: drove CRM portal and internal applications
    Independent franchisee & distributor of The Real Estate Book in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Chris Simandl.png

Chris Simandl – Co-Founder & CTO

20+ years experience in senior management in IT, Business & Network Development. C-Level & Fortune 100 to include Swift, Oracle and Vodafone. Big Data & Blockchain evangelist.

  • As early as 1996, Chris was driving AT&T Laboratories / Bell Labs from the classic telephone hub & spoke model towards Internet infrastructures and VOIP models.
  • While at S.W.I.F.T. Chris strategically architected (& sold the concept to global banks) for information decentralization by layering a TCP/IP network on top of the aging X.25 network.
  • Finally, as an Oracle, Executive Director of Consulting, Chris’ biggest challenge was soliciting peer-to-peer development at Redwood Shores (along side of Client Server/SQL/GRID computing) as it favored the burgeoning EMEA mobile Smartphone market. Today, Chris continues his peer-to-peer drive with distributed ledgers (blockchain).


Nathan is a serial-entrepreneur, who has created 3 startups, rose considerable funding and has driven a successful exit. Chris has 20+ years engineering experience in senior management in IT, Business & Network Development, at companies such as Swift, Oracle and Vodafone. They have been good friends for over 15 years. Together, they bring an ideal balance of business and technical skills, coupled with extensive experience in strategic business development, P2P technologies, and data management.